"I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Kimberly as a health coach!  I truly know of no one who would be more suitable to help one achieve their goals of health and happiness than this beautiful soul.  Kimberly has incredible intuitive knowledge that is coupled with the ability to see things from a higher level of consciousness that will ultimately help her clients to achieve not only physical health, and she will also help foster emotional well-being as well." 

Sherri Hanner

CMS CHT Certified Medical Support Clinical Hypnotherapist

"I was diagnosed with an inflammatory arthritic disease and it was downright debilitating. The treatments were worse than the disease itself and I wasn’t getting any better. Kim shared her healing journey and alternative ideas for me, including pointing me to different research on my disease, questions to ask my doctor, additional tests to ask for and how to interpret results. While Kim generally takes a holistic approach to healing, she understands there can be a place for western medicine and a balance in treatments. I appreciated this and her overall positive, encouraging cheerleader mentality throughout my recovery."

Amy Hillegass

"Kim Lackey is a dear friend and family member who helped my husband navigate a complex stage 4 cancer diagnosis. Her thorough knowledge of nutrition along side her first hand experience of chemotherapy side effects assisted in our health care decisions." 

Porter Cusmano

"I watched Kimberly go from being very sick to now looking and feeling normal.  She did not trust her doctors when she was sick with an autoimmune condition because they gave her a terrible prognosis and did not even know what was wrong with her.  I personally never thought she would get better.  It still amazes me that she has run several races and now lives a normal life. I often forget how sick she was and how far she has come.  She personally helped me cure IBS that I have had for decades.  I no longer suffer from stomach issues due to the advice she gave me." 

Kathy Chavez

Patient Advocate, Moffitt Cancer Center

"I have been friends with Kim my entire life. She has a heart of gold and will do anything to support the people she cares about. She has been through so much in her own life but is always willing to listen and offer encouragement to those around her.”

Heather Barrow

Founder, High Risk Hope

"I have had the great pleasure of working with Kim as a creative life coach and facilitator of women's circles. I see our time together as nothing short of amazing because Kim is amazing. She brings a positive outlook to every aspect of her life even during the toughest moments which she handles with the utmost grace. She is deeply kind, wise, and wholly committed to being the best version of herself. Her authenticity and life-affirming message will inspire others to be their best selves. With a wealth of personal experience and vast knowledge, Kim is an ideal health and wellness coach committed to helping you make your dreams a reality." 

Lindsay Bomstein

M.A. Life Coach

"We can all say we "know" what we are supposed to do to be healthy but sometimes we need a little reminder or extra help that's formulated just for our own unique bodies. Kimberly's focus on mindfulness and true whole body health can show you how just a few minor choices can help you feel significantly better. Kim's own experiences with challenging health issues, which she overcame with grace and strength, give her unique knowledge and thoughtfulness to nutrition that I can personally attest to.  Kim will be there for you through your journey to wellness and probably become a lifelong friend too!"  

Adria Harper 

"When Kim was battling through extremely painful and debilitating arthritis that had atrophied her to the point where she couldn't lift her arms and had to be carried to the bathroom, I watched her take matters into her own hands and literally research herself back to health. I never thought I would see her this well again and I’ve been impressed with her ability to self-improve after years of illness. This empath way of life comes naturally to Kim, and it is her will to succeed and be happy that’s gotten her to where she is today. Kim has also pointed me to a few professionals that have given me sound health advice and treatments that I still incorporate in my daily life."

Joe Lackey

"Kim’s life story speaks for itself. She is ambitious and self-motivated which has enabled her to overcome so many issues and ailments. It’s truly been remarkable to watch. Kim helped me realize nutrition mistakes I was making with my two toddlers, and how I could quickly correct in terms of choosing healthier foods. She is very knowledgeable and caring, and will do whatever she can to seek out the best information for you."

Stephanie Guynn

"I first met Kim when she wanted to compete in her first-ever triathlon and she asked me to train her. I quickly saw that Kim is mentally tough and strives to be the best in whatever she is trying to achieve. In the process of training Kim, I benefited from her knowledge and attitude towards life. As a result, I became a healthier person and felt motivated to reach my own dreams and goals. Kim is one of the most inspirational people I have ever met and being able to pass along her wealth of knowledge and positivity to others is what makes Kim happy.  Kim, thank you very much for all you have done for me; it’s more than you'll ever know!" 

Your Triathlon Coach and Friend for Life - Armando Espinoza

6 Combat Tours with the US Military & 8 Time Ironman Competitor 

I've had the pleasure of knowing Kim both personally and professionally for 9 years. In that time I've watched Kim take on unexpected health diagnosis and personal challenges with grace and vigor. She is driven and passionate about health, nutrition and living a full life. Kim is a dedicated problem solver with a genuine love for helping people. I know Kim will continue to do great things and I am excited to see the positive impact she will have on her clients. 

Monica Ayoub

Grow Financial Talent - Acquisition Specialist

I have known Kim for over a year now and she is one of my biggest inspirations. She is also one of the kindest, compassionate people I know. Kim takes her time in getting to know you and understand your needs and aspirations. Her coaching and guidance helps you grow as a person and she looks at things you maybe would not have thought about for yourself. She will guide you to find yourself whole again as she has done in her own life. From someone who lost her ability to walk for a period of her life, to having completed a triathlon a few years later, is a true determination, raw will, and courage like I've never seen! Kim is your coach, your friend, and your guide to finding the most abundant you!

Jen D

Haiku, Hi