Are You Likable?

Are You Likable?

The holiday season was filled with countless social activities for most of us, and this may have brought on a lot of anxiety. Whether it’s family drama, being around someone you feel doesn’t like you, or just overall social anxieties, you may have dreaded getting ready for that dinner party. I get it—this causes me stress too! Rather than going into these situations with a negative outlook, it’s important to change the perspective. Understanding what makes us likable by using proven and scientifically studied techniques in terms of how people connect with one another, is important.

Farmers’ Markets: A Force Behind Community Change

Farmers’ Markets: A Force Behind Community Change

I recently went on a trip to the Washington D.C. area and had read a lot about the Eastern Market—a trendy area of town that hosts what seemed like a really cool farmers’ market. Naturally, I was really looking forward to checking it out. I’m always curious to see what the latest food trends are in various areas around the country and farmers’ markets are the perfect place to take it all in.

Taking in the "Aloha Spirit" at the Aloha Kalikimaka Benefit Gala

What immediately strikes you at the Pacific Cancer Foundation’s (PCF) Aloha Kalikimaka Benefit Gala is the “Aloha Spirit.” Set outdoors at a sprawling Maui house, you’re greeted by parking attendants and then led up to the party adorned in traditional Hawaiian décor with fresh leis on every table, and the west Maui mountains in the backdrop with a gorgeous sunset. It felt like a scene out of Jurassic Park (minus the scary dinosaurs)!

My “Day of Hope” with Pacific Cancer Foundation

This was my second year participating in the Pacific Cancer Foundation’s 27th Annual Day of Hope 10K Run & 5K Run/Walk (5K for me this time around) and I can truly say it is one of the best race events I’ve been a part of – from the overall organization of the day to the feeling you have when you head home, this is an event to put on your yearly calendar.

My Small Business Story

While battling cancer at age 25, then later facing life in a wheelchair, as well as going through a divorce, I continued to receive answers from medical and psychological professionals that simply didn’t feel right. After a lot of soul searching, I made a decision to be proactive in my health and listen to my intuition, and took steps to create my own self-healing path. 

Liberating Discussions, Liberating Women

As a former reading teacher, I love a good book discussion.  I enjoy asking questions and seeing others ponder how they perceived a situation, and making connections with the book and their own life experiences.  A good story offers so many gifts to the reader and by having an open examination of the book, the depth of connection and learning really has no limit other than the time given to the exchange.