I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Kimberly as a health coach! I truly know of no one who would be more suitable to help one achieve their goals of health and happiness than this beautiful soul.
— Sherri Hanner, CMS CHT Certified Medical Support Clinical Hypnotherapist

EMPATH integrative health coaching is a comprehensive, one-on-one format which focuses on identifying what is holding you back from reaching your particular life goals to help move you forward in the right direction. We will walk down the path together to look at your "primary nutrition” – examples may include: relationships, career, home environment, health, physical activity, creativity, spirituality, or social life. Once we look at these primary needs, we will also dive into what I call "secondary nutrition" and that is the actual food you are putting in your body.  This process of self-discovery is enlightening and empowering.  Once you see that you have all the answers inside of you that you need, you will begin to form a quality of life that is sustainable and full of passion.

Our initial conversation will gain a better understanding of your current lifestyle, potential hurdles and roadblocks, and begin to establish attainable goals. Then I will work with you to develop and implement the tools to cleanse your life and create a long-term path that will lead you to mental and physical happiness. We will track your progress along the way and adjust goals as needed. Remember there are never any failures, just lessons or successes!


3 or 6 months

1 Hour Initial Consultation

Unlimited Email/Text Support

Access To Program Materials

Goal Setting

Redesign Your Life

Integrative Health Coaching is offered in packages of 6 or 12 coaching sessions, pre-booked with 2 make-up sessions as needed.  All packages include one complimentary 1-hour consultation based on the health intake form, and personalized unlimited email/text support to keep you focused and motivated.  Additionally, packages include individual access to program materials. I will work with you to set individual goals based on your defined vision and values, with guidance on how to make them fit into your lifestyle.  Sessions will be held twice a month, every two weeks via Skype or conference call, or in-person if it’s an option. EMPATH offers flexible payment options.

Let’s determine how to get you back on the right path.

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