a person with the ability to apprehend the mental or emotional state of another individual.

EMPATH is my approach to guiding others to stay on or get back to their right path, while building a life they love both mentally and physically. Learning that I was empathic validated decisions I often made about my personal health needs that encompassed serving my mind and body. 

This discovery is a gift I want to share with you! 

Let’s work together to rediscover who you are so you can "fit out" in this world because trying to "fit in" does not allow your soul to grow. There is no better gift to yourself than the gift of health and empowerment, and I believe everyone is personally capable of this. 

I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Kimberly as a health coach! I truly know of no one who would be more suitable to help one achieve their goals of health and happiness than this beautiful soul.
— Sherri Hanner, CMS CHT Certified Medical Support Clinical Hypnotherapist

EMPATH integrative health coaching is a comprehensive, one-on-one format which focuses on identifying what is holding you back from reaching your particular life goals to help move you forward in the right direction. We will walk down the path together to look at your "primary nutrition” – examples may include: relationships, career, home environment, health, physical activity, creativity, spirituality, or social life. Once we look at these primary needs, we will also dive into what I call "secondary nutrition" and that is the actual food you are putting in your body.  This process of self-discovery is enlightening and empowering.  Once you see that you have all the answers inside of you that you need, you will begin to form a quality of life that is sustainable and full of passion.

Our initial conversation will gain a better understanding of your current lifestyle, potential hurdles and roadblocks, and begin to establish attainable goals. Then I will work with you to develop and implement the tools to cleanse your life and create a long-term path that will lead you to mental and physical happiness. We will track your progress along the way and adjust goals as needed. Remember there are never any failures, just lessons or successes!


3 or 6 months

1 Hour Initial Consultation

Unlimited Email/Text Support

Access To Program Materials

Goal Setting

Redesign Your Life

Integrative Health Coaching is offered in packages of 6 or 12 coaching sessions, pre-booked with 2 make-up sessions as needed.  All packages include one complimentary 1-hour consultation based on the health intake form, and personalized unlimited email/text support to keep you focused and motivated.  Additionally, packages include individual access to program materials. I will work with you to set individual goals based on your defined vision and values, with guidance on how to make them fit into your lifestyle.  Sessions will be held twice a month, every two weeks via Skype or conference call, or in-person if it’s an option. EMPATH offers flexible payment options.

Let’s determine how to get you back on the right path.

Contact me to start your journey to self-healing.

I have had the great pleasure of working with Kim as a creative life coach and facilitator of women’s circles...With a wealth of personal experience and vast knowledge, Kim is an ideal health and wellness coach committed to helping you make your dreams a reality.
— Lindsay Bomstein, M.A. Life Coach

Bo Jackson once said, "If I miss anything about the sport [football], it's the camaraderie of the teammates." As human beings we are wired to gain warmth and companionship from others as well as learn from our peers. No matter our age, gender or race, we all have the same basic needs and wants, such as love, acceptance, understanding, or inclusion. However, how these needs get expressed or suppressed can be very different. 

Group coaching sessions are successful because you get to hear others’ personal issues which can put your own situation in perspective or receive an anecdote to a particular issue that you would not have otherwise gained in a one-on-one session.  Together with your group, you form a ready-made team where we celebrate success, motivate each other, share resources, brainstorm solutions, and form a lasting community for your new journey.  I have personally participated in, as well as facilitated, many group coaching sessions and had major “ah ha!” moments from listening to someone else's story or approach to healing. These sessions can be the perfect fit for someone that enjoys listening to others because they may relate to a particular situation and leave the session with a new outlook and approach to their life. We often feel that no one else is going through our same life difficulties or will understand our problems, but the reality is, everyone can help each other by sharing and listening.  This format builds a sense of community and belonging, which can greatly assist group members in overcoming their individual challenges.


6 months

1 Hour Initial Consultation

Unlimited Email/Text Support

Access To Program Materials

Goal Setting

Facebook Group Communication

Sessions 1x/week

The EMPATH intake form allows for a cohesive group by identifying each person’s needs and pairing based on responses. Each session will start with various questions to check in on how each person is doing with their particular situation(s).  Everyone has an opportunity to speak as well as weigh in on another participant’s issue and there will be an emphasis on role-playing to work through challenges. Group coaching is a great introduction to beginning your journey and getting back on your life's path and purpose.

Sessions will be a group of 6 people maximum, in a video conference or conference call format, or in-person if possible. This is a 6-week program, meeting one time per week with pre-scheduled dates and times.  A private Facebook group will be set up to communicate , and share information and feedback. All participants will have access to program materials. EMPATH offers flexible payment options.

Form a team that will support you on your path to success! Learn more about group coaching.

Kim’s focus on mindfulness and true whole body health can show you how just a few minor choices can help you feel significantly better. Kim will be there for you through your journey to wellness and probably become a lifelong friend too!
— Adria Harper

Do you love to learn? I know I do! I am a constant seeker of knowledge and new solutions. One of my favorite things about being a classroom teacher was the time I spent discussing books with students one-on-one or in a group.  I always learned just as much from the students as they learned from me – they actually probably taught me a lot more! The Book Club format is perfect if you’re interested in in-depth discussions with like-minded people that are on the path to integrative health and wellness.  These sessions can be just the thing you need to reset your thinking pattern or get you back to the right path, or maybe help encourage you to stay on a path you have already started.  Books selected will be centered on wellness, healing, personal growth, and spirituality and will always be uplifting and enjoyable.  Book selections will provide useful guidance and life lessons for you and the group. Past book selections have included, "The Four Agreements" by Don Miguel Ruiz, and "Grain Brain" by David Perlmutter.  The best part is you discipline yourself to take time to step away from your day-to-day life and read!

Sessions will have a group maximum, in a video conference or conference call format, or in-person if possible. This is a 4-week program, meeting one time per week with pre-scheduled dates and times. EMPATH offers flexible payment options. Contact me to see when the next upcoming session begins.

You deserve to live a happy, healthy life! Give yourself the gift of health and empowerment!

Kim helped me realize nutrition mistakes I was making with my two toddlers, and how I could quickly correct in terms of choosing healthier foods. She is very knowledgeable and caring, and will do whatever she can to seek out the best information for you.
— Stephanie Guynn

Loved ones often say "I love you" with food or with events centered around food.  I came from a family where certain foods were served because of a cultural significance or because of hectic schedules. My parents were divorced when I was 2, and for this reason there was also a lack of communication and inconsistency with my diet. While my parents and family never meant any harm to me the simple truth was that my nutritional needs were not being met because the people around me did not know that my needs were different from theirs.  I was very sick as a child with constant rashes, hives, stomach problems, I was often reserved, and I slept a lot.  I learned overtime how to eat properly for myself and how to educate others around me to my particular needs.  My love of children and teaching, as well as my background in nutrition, years spent in a classroom, and personal story has inspired me and I see a huge need and opportunity to help educate parents on proper nutrition for their kids. 

For example, if your doctor has recommended that your child stay away from gluten, how do you implement this and how do you keep gluten away from one child without it affecting the whole family? It can be daunting but I have helped many parents understand why children need to avoid certain foods and determining the best approach. 

One size does not fit all when it comes to nutrition.  We are individuals and just as we all look different on the outside, we also have different needs on the inside.  If you’re intimidated to ask your doctor questions about nutrition or feel your doctor doesn’t have the time to explain, my hope is to educate you and allow you to easily integrate a healthy plan for your most prized possession. Kids improve their self-esteem, grades, sports, and mood when they are getting the correct nutrients.  Happy Kids = Happier Healthier Family! 

Having a happy, healthy family is priceless. Let’s work together to make it happen for you!

[Kim] brings a positive outlook to every aspect of her life even during the toughest moments which she handles with the utmost grace. Her authenticity and life-affirming message will inspire others to be their best selves.
— Lindsay Bomstein, M.A. Life Coach

Public speaking is a passion of mine and I strongly believe in visualization.  In the years that I spent sick in bed or not feeling optimal, I often visualized myself writing my story and sharing my successes on stage in front of an audience.  This was my way of keeping a positive outlook for myself and believing that I would one day not only be able to give back to society but that I could use my knowledge to do something I loved.

Whether it’s an auditorium of hundreds of adults, or a small group of young children as young as 5 years old, I have experience speaking to a range of audiences, sharing my story in a motivational setting and the importance of a healthy outlook and lifestyle path. I’ve spoken to groups including the Leukemia Lymphoma Society, schools, parents of elementary and high school students, at-risk youth, and others. My talks to youth are frequently interactive where students are able to participate in a skit, and I also offer an educational style where I share my challenges and methods for overcoming.

I am available for seminars, workshops and retreats of all sizes and am passionate about presenting tough information in a positive way. You can read more about my speaking experience and background in my bio. 

Events and presentations including book clubs, workshops, seminars and retreats are customized based on your needs.  Fees are negotiable based upon format and timing. Please contact me to schedule an event for your group.  

Please contact me to learn more about how I can help motivate your particular audience.