Kim helped me realize nutrition mistakes I was making with my two toddlers, and how I could quickly correct in terms of choosing healthier foods. She is very knowledgeable and caring, and will do whatever she can to seek out the best information for you.
— Stephanie Guynn

Loved ones often say "I love you" with food or with events centered around food.  I came from a family where certain foods were served because of a cultural significance or because of hectic schedules. My parents were divorced when I was 2, and for this reason there was also a lack of communication and inconsistency with my diet. While my parents and family never meant any harm to me the simple truth was that my nutritional needs were not being met because the people around me did not know that my needs were different from theirs.  I was very sick as a child with constant rashes, hives, stomach problems, I was often reserved, and I slept a lot.  I learned overtime how to eat properly for myself and how to educate others around me to my particular needs.  My love of children and teaching, as well as my background in nutrition, years spent in a classroom, and personal story has inspired me and I see a huge need and opportunity to help educate parents on proper nutrition for their kids. 

For example, if your doctor has recommended that your child stay away from gluten, how do you implement this and how do you keep gluten away from one child without it affecting the whole family? It can be daunting but I have helped many parents understand why children need to avoid certain foods and determining the best approach. 

One size does not fit all when it comes to nutrition.  We are individuals and just as we all look different on the outside, we also have different needs on the inside.  If you’re intimidated to ask your doctor questions about nutrition or feel your doctor doesn’t have the time to explain, my hope is to educate you and allow you to easily integrate a healthy plan for your most prized possession. Kids improve their self-esteem, grades, sports, and mood when they are getting the correct nutrients.  Happy Kids = Happier Healthier Family! 

Having a happy, healthy family is priceless. Let’s work together to make it happen for you!