hodgkins lymphoma

HealthCentral Turns to Kimberly Lackey for Strategies for Living With Hodgkin's Lymphoma


Kimberly Lackey was featured by HealthCentral discussing "Strategies for Living With Hodgkin's Lymphoma."

“Having cancer changes your life, obviously,” she says. “A great deal of good things came of it, like my decision to pursue a career dedicated to helping others get healthy. But to live through treatment and potential recurrence, you need to be tough, and surround yourself with good people. You have to stand in your power and know you can deal with a disease like this.”

For those who have just been diagnosed or have a loved one living with this cancer, Kimberly provides some key points to keep in mind, including:

  • You may feel like your life just stopped. It’s okay to feel like that’s not fair. Because it’s not.

  • The longer you go without recurrence, the more your risk drops.

  • The hardest moment may be right after treatment.

  • You may need to think about fertility.

  • Getting back to a routine can help.

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