I have had the great pleasure of working with Kim as a creative life coach and facilitator of women’s circles...With a wealth of personal experience and vast knowledge, Kim is an ideal health and wellness coach committed to helping you make your dreams a reality.
— Lindsay Bomstein, M.A. Life Coach

Bo Jackson once said, "If I miss anything about the sport [football], it's the camaraderie of the teammates." As human beings we are wired to gain warmth and companionship from others as well as learn from our peers. No matter our age, gender or race, we all have the same basic needs and wants, such as love, acceptance, understanding, or inclusion. However, how these needs get expressed or suppressed can be very different. 

Group coaching sessions are successful because you get to hear others’ personal issues which can put your own situation in perspective or receive an anecdote to a particular issue that you would not have otherwise gained in a one-on-one session.  Together with your group, you form a ready-made team where we celebrate success, motivate each other, share resources, brainstorm solutions, and form a lasting community for your new journey.  I have personally participated in, as well as facilitated, many group coaching sessions and had major “ah ha!” moments from listening to someone else's story or approach to healing. These sessions can be the perfect fit for someone that enjoys listening to others because they may relate to a particular situation and leave the session with a new outlook and approach to their life. We often feel that no one else is going through our same life difficulties or will understand our problems, but the reality is, everyone can help each other by sharing and listening.  This format builds a sense of community and belonging, which can greatly assist group members in overcoming their individual challenges.


6 months

1 Hour Initial Consultation

Unlimited Email/Text Support

Access To Program Materials

Goal Setting

Facebook Group Communication

Sessions 1x/week

The EMPATH intake form allows for a cohesive group by identifying each person’s needs and pairing based on responses. Each session will start with various questions to check in on how each person is doing with their particular situation(s).  Everyone has an opportunity to speak as well as weigh in on another participant’s issue and there will be an emphasis on role-playing to work through challenges. Group coaching is a great introduction to beginning your journey and getting back on your life's path and purpose.

Sessions will be a group of 6 people maximum, in a video conference or conference call format, or in-person if possible. This is a 6-week program, meeting one time per week with pre-scheduled dates and times.  A private Facebook group will be set up to communicate , and share information and feedback. All participants will have access to program materials. EMPATH offers flexible payment options.

Form a team that will support you on your path to success! Learn more about group coaching.