“Kim’s life story speaks for itself. She is ambitious and self-motivated which has enabled her to overcome so many issues and ailments. It’s truly been remarkable to watch. She is very knowledgeable and caring, and will do whatever she can to seek out the best information for you.”
— Stephanie Guynn

While I was sick, I envisioned myself speaking and helping others, because that is who I was at my core – a helper and a healer.  Today, I am passionate about sharing my personal journey and working with others to help them lead a healthy, inspirational life. Every experience and challenge overcome has led me to a point where I am well positioned to help others forge their path.

I am a teacher, communicator, and people person at heart. I previously held roles as the School and Youth Program Manager for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society and a 5th grade Language Arts, Art, and Social Studies teacher as well as provided testing support for elementary and high school students within the Hillsborough County School District.

My extensive speaking background includes dozens of talks for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society (LLS) as the School and Youth Manager ranging from auditorium style talks to interactive presentations with students. Prior to working for LLS, I spoke on behalf of the organization as a survivor and was an "honored hero" for two different Team In Training events.  Both times, I spoke to motivate the teams in their various training regimes, one for the St. Anthony Triathlon and the other for the Nike Women's 1/2 Marathon which I also participated in.  In 2005, I was recognized as the LLS “Fundraiser of the Year” and was asked to speak on two occasions about receiving the award and what motivates me.

Additionally, I obtained a charter at Roosevelt Elementary School for the National Elementary Honor Society, a process that took a year of writing and petitioning to receive.  Once granted, I was in charge of the Society in the advisory role and spoke and organized all fundraising events.  I was professionally trained in collaboration to help facilitate sharing knowledge across curriculums in schools.

I received my BA in Communications with a Business Concentration from Auburn University. I hold a Florida Teaching Certificate in K-6 and English 6-12, and a Florida Real Estate Sales Associate.

Volunteering is a passion of mine and I have previously served as a Board Member and Special Events Chair for High Risk Hope, an organization that provides support, encouragement, information and resources to women and families who are experiencing a high-risk pregnancy. I have also been involved with the Junior League of Tampa, where I participated in their volunteer training process, served as a writer for their publication and acted as Public Relations Chair. Through my teaching roles, I previously organized after-school cooking clubs for elementary students to teach them healthy eating alternatives as well as many other after school extra-curricular endeavors. When I am not directly involved on a board you can find me at any number of community events...especially if it involves sports!

My other interests include gardening, writing, traveling, pottery, dancing and all sports, especially Auburn football - War Eagle! I am always up for a fun adventure and have learned that saying "yes" to life provides me with a continued optimistic outlook.  I believe creative outlets are important for everyone in life and especially along your healing journey. People need outlets and I encourage every client to find one or more activities they’re passionate about and get involved. It is not important to be the best at it or even good, it’s only important that it makes your soul sing and your face smile. 

 Live your best life - contact me to get started now!