Managing Needle Phobia

I used to love the show “Fear Factor.” Joe Rogan was a perfect host choice for this stimulating and disgusting show.  I was so turned off, yet I tuned in to watch the gross concoctions of blended bugs and maggots that contestants would drink for a CHANCE at winning $50,000.  I used to sit in my comfy chair, red wine in hand and wonder if I could do it.  Would I drink that stuff, would I sit in a bed of snakes, would I try to escape from a submerged car? The odds weren’t in my favor of ever winning, it seemed like the show would make sure of that, so I enjoyed the show from the A/C with my bug free dinner, usually mentally forfeiting after round 1.  Of all the stunts they pulled on that show the one I could not bare to watch was the highlighting of the needle phobia or trypanophobia.