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Tips for a Healthy and Allergy Free Halloween

Halloween marks the first holiday in a festive string of Fall events. This fun family evening is known for dressing up as your favorite alter ego and for kids in particular, collecting a slew of candy.  For some parents and kids, this night can be a nightmare of its own.  Worries of too much candy, blowing a diet or exercise routine, sugar highs, stranger danger, and even additional after-school time commitments are all valid.  More importantly, this holiday can be a true danger to kids’ health. 

Getting Your Kids To Eat Healthy - Even Teens!

I recently flew to Maui with my 14 year old nephew, Trey, for some bonding time. I don’t have children of my own so I had a mix of emotions as the time grew closer to my one-on-one adventure with a teenager. I wanted to make sure I got his adrenaline pumping, taught him about a new culture, and most important to me, I hoped I could instill in him some healthier eating habits while he was under my care.